01 March 2018

some advice about school

I was recently sorting out some university application and it got me thinking about school - not exactly the thing you want to do at eleven pm, but sometimes that just happens. That being said, I thought I'd give out some more unsolicited advice for anyone who might need it, this time specifically on the topic of everyone's (least) favourite thing: school.

08 February 2018

wednesday evening

Do you ever realise that it's the middle of the week and you're drowning in work? Because that's where I'm at right now. It's not completely my fault since I've been punched in the face by the flu epidemy currently happening, but that just makes it worse - I always feel so useless when I'm ill. 

26 January 2018

into the woods

The snow the meteorologists promised me didn't happen, but I went outside anyway. Needed to clean my head a little bit, plus I promised myself I'd spend more time this year doing the things I love - namely photography, baking and writing. It's going well so far but we'll see how it goes as the year progresses - especially in the summer when I can't go outside 99 % of the time because sun makes me look like a marshmallow (and I don't mean that in a good way).  Anyway, here are two of the photos I took today - you can see the rest of them on my flickr which will be linked under them. 

{ flickr }

21 January 2018

macro attempts: cactus

Here's the thing: I love macro photos. I don't, however, own a macro lens - most of them are fairly expensive and I don't have a proper source of income due to my shitty health situation. What I do have is a reverse ring which turns the basic lenses I got with my camera into a reasonably okay way to take macro photos. It snowed today and it's meant to snow a bit more still so I'm hoping to get out to take some photos during the week, but I wanted to polish up my macro skills - at home, since I'm feeling extremely shitty today and only left the house to go buy food for my snake. Here's the outcome - two photos of my favourite cactus.

Could've gone worse, considering the circumstances. Actually, I'm pretty damn proud of them.

09 January 2018

some of my favourites: musicals

I have decided to make a series of articles about media I enjoy - starting with (both movie and theatre versions of) musicals. Before I start this, though, I want to say one thing: there is a certain musical on this list that I only saw the bootleg of because while it is known that it has been filmed on Broadway with the original cast, it hasn't been released on DVD or whatever for those of us who literally live across the entire ocean from the USA to be able to see it. I won't get any further into that because I'd only get angry and we'd be here for a long time. 

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to some of my favourite musicals - in no particular order because I love them all and having to sort them from best to worst would be hell. (Fun fact: the 'x' next to each of them links to the spotify page of the soundtrack. Go listen to them, they're great.)

broadway-hero-2-1200x540.jpg (1200×540)