Sunday, 5 June 2016

back to Hogwarts

I have many times before said that my life has been greatly influenced by the Harry Potter book series. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was the first book I have ever read and remains one of my favourites to this day, perhaps even the most favourite. I even got a Harry Potter themed tattoo, for heaven's sake, and am actually planning another one.

That, however, is not why I have started writing this article.

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It has been some time now since I first set my eyes upon the Harry Potter signature edition hardback box set in a bookstore near my school. I fell in love with it immediately, but the price has been holding me back from buying it for some time - as I didn't have a job it was hard to save the money I needed. I asked my parents whether I could get it as a birthday gift, but at that time, it was too much money for them as well. I got a job in March, though, and even though I only lasted two months there, the pay check for April was enough for me to get it for myself and at that moment I felt as though I was the happiest person on the Earth. Maybe I was. The books are beautiful and their smell brings me right back to my childhood. I got them in the middle of May and since them I have been reading them pretty much non-stop in every single bit of free time I could find. 

I have just now finished reading the Half-blood Prince, meaning that the adventure is, once again, nearing its end. I have read the books many times and yet, there are still new parts of them for me to laugh at, especially since this is the first time I'm reading them in English, and there are also still moments when I find myself sobbing into my pillow. 

I feel as though time has gone back eight years and I was ten again, almost (even though I didn't know it at that time as the seventh book hasn't yet been published here) at the end of the story, still waiting for my Hogwarts letter to come, crying, although admittedly much less than I did today, at the death of a fictional character that has been kinder than anyone I had known up to that point. 

J. K. Rowling has introduced me to the brilliant world of fiction as well as to characters I still look up to even now - most importantly Hermione Granger, who taught me the most important lesson of all: that even though being smart might mean you get mocked by others, it also is more often than not one of the most important virtues there is. Her books have been my escape from my own thoughts and from the plain everyday life. Joanne Rowling has inspired me to write, to read and to never stop trying, and if I ever meet her in real life, I intend to tell her this in person, but for now... thank you, Joanne, because if it weren't for you and the world you created, I would have been a different person today.

I might be well past the age of eleven now, but I am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter to come.
And I don't think I'll ever stop waiting, to be completely honest with you. 

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