Wednesday, 14 September 2016

illustrator class: align practice

I gotta say, this year's graphic class is - so far - much more fun than last year's. Mostly because I know pretty much all there is to know about Photoshop and Illustrator, but with Photoshop, you get an assignment and you just have to do the thing you're told to do and there's not much creativity in it. Illustrator, however... now that's a different story. And as most of my classmates don't know how to use it, our teacher has been teaching them the basics in the form of some fun excercises. 

We had two classes so far, and I'd like to show you the excercise we did today as I found it really fun - and quite useful if you're starting out with Illustrator and need some practice in terms of the "align" window and the basic shapes. The teacher literally said "practice working with the align window" and, well... we did and this is the result.

I don't use the align window too much as I rarely create things that are symmetrical while working in Illustrator (at the moment, I'm using it to create the characters for my graduation film - I'll share the visuals once they're done), but it's genuinely a very helpful thing if you need to make something really fast - for example if you're making minimalistic Marvel-themed icons for tumblr and need to make a Black Widow one, as it makes it super easy to do. And making those things when we were supposed to practice using it actually inspired me for some other work I'm currently planning, so... yay! Vectors!

See ya.

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