08 February 2018

wednesday evening

Do you ever realise that it's the middle of the week and you're drowning in work? Because that's where I'm at right now. It's not completely my fault since I've been punched in the face by the flu epidemy currently happening, but that just makes it worse - I always feel so useless when I'm ill. 

There's some busy months ahead of me right now so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post. (Does anyone care?) February is short as fuck and I've got a lot of studying to do since I have to try and do as much stuff from what I originally planned for March as possible - I'll spend more time in March in doctors' offices than I will at home and the subway and waiting rooms aren't exactly the best places to study at. April / May are uni exams and graduation time and I'll also be studying for my IELTS exam, and then I'll probably just be dead for a month after that. The only perk of apparently being unemployable is not having to stress about a job on top of all this shit, let me fucking tell you.

I've been trying to fill the tiny bits of free time doing things I love - reading, playing video games (when I can move my hands), going outside, ice skating, swimming. I feel like I've finally learned to relax; while I was still at school, my idea of  a "good thing to do in my free time" was mostly homework, and this is a nice change. And speaking of changes: I shaved my head. I look like a very cute egg now and I absolutely adore it. I honestly feel like I shaved the five years of bullshit off along with the five years of hair growth. 

I have a piece of advice for you: Try new things. If you've been thinking about shaving your head, do it (seriously, your hair will grow back). Get a tattoo if you want one. Have some food you never ate before. Read a book that's a different genre than what you normally read. Get out of your comfort zone. Who knows what's waiting for you out there. (I don't. Neither will you if you don't try to find out.)

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