15 June 2018

zoo adventures

Something you may or may not know about me: I absolutely adore animals, and the Prague Zoo is one of my favourite places in the whole city. And our house is currently getting fixed meaning it's really fucking loud in here, and it was nice today, so we went "fuck it" and went to the zoo. My feet hurt so much right now, but it was amazing and we had a great day looking at the animals. And, surprisingly, I didn't forget my camera this time around, so enjoy some animal photos. 



  1. Well, I don't like zoo so much because I feel like watching animals in prisons. Also, I know that zoo are really good at protecting animals and earning money not just for themselves but for rescuing animals from extinction. From your photos now I feel like "Omg, th tiger, I wanna tickle its ears!" :-D

    1. i quite like the zoo because unlike places like the circus or sea world that are using animals purely for money and entertainment, it's exactly how you said: they help certain animal species stay alive and the animals in zoos often live much longer than they would in nature - and obviously the zoo needs money to take care of the animals already there but also to pay for research and stuff as well rather than just paying the owners and employees. zoos and aquariums are good, circuses and sea world can fucking choke and die.

      also completely agree on wanting to tickle the tiger's ears, he looked so soft <3

  2. Zoo mám moc ráda :) sice tam chodíme tak jednou ročně, letos ani nepůjdeme, ale líbí se mi to jako rodinný výlet :)

    V3ronika life