02 August 2018


If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might know that this tuesday I came back home from a week-long road trip in Scotland. I went with my dad and had a lot of fun - also it was a chance to cool down a bit since it's currently hot as balls here in the Czech republic. And, being... well, myself, I had to take my camera on the trip and take lots of photos. 

Scotland is gorgeous - definitely a place everyone should visit at least once. The people are extremely friendly and the nature is breathtaking; I never thought I could see so many different things in just one country. There's mountains, there's the sea, there's a WHOLE FUCKLOAD of sheep... in short, I wish I could've stayed for longer. 

I'm really proud of how the photos I took there came out. I dumped them all on Flickr so if you're interested in seeing, there's a link below, but here are some of my favourites: