11 November 2018

shit happens?

It's been a while since I posted something on here - there wasn't really much to post about and when there was, I had no time to do so. That being said though, I think the time has come for a little update.

Here's the thing: as you may or may not know (or indeed care), I started university in October. I'm loving it so far, but I'm literally swamped with work which has been keeping me from posting on here until now - mostly because I don't really have time to take photos and don't really want to fill this blog only with "favourites" posts. That being said, I finally feel like I've somewhat got the hang of stuff, so I'll try to post a bit more often in the new year - at least that way I'll force myself to do things other than schoolwork. 

Emphasis on the "I'll try" though - while I'd love to go "there will be at least one post every week on here", life happens. This is not my job and I need to prioritize my education over my interests right now. But... I'll try. 

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